Viking Village Fortnite

Viking Village Fortnite – Season eight’s mysterious helicopter has now landed in Viking Village, west of the island. The helicopter was noticed there this morning south of Polar Peak. Nothing has modified within the space, identical to the opposite seven areas he has landed in haven’t modified.

The gamers nonetheless do not know what this black navy helicopter means. They solely know that he was going to the seaside

Viking Village Fortnite

Viking Village Fortnite

Island because it was first found northeast of Lazy Lagoon. Everybody’s finest guess is that one thing will occur when he flies throughout the island, again to Lazy Lagoon.

Fortnite’: Pirate Ship And Viking Ship Areas, The place To Acquire 100 Wooden

Among the outdated theories nonetheless appear legitimate. The gamers mentioned that it really works when a helicopter is within the Merchandise Store, and it was true for when the gamers noticed it on Completely satisfied Hamlet. This time, the Paper Aircraft glider was launched final evening on the Merchandise Store, which isn’t a helicopter, however at the least one thing that may fly. Apparently, something that may fly and be added to the Merchandise Store will probably be an indication that the helicopter is about to maneuver.

Different new theories have some gamers pondering that the helicopter is “simply doing a sweep earlier than they launch the nukes,” though we have now no trace of nukes within the map. Others say the helicopter “seems in any respect the outdated crater websites in season 4 to see in the event that they forgot the hop stones,” which may account for a way shut the worlds are, however may imply that when the helicopter does one thing would not occur it’s finished by washing it.

The helicopter will stay a thriller for some time. One of the best gamers can do for now could be to control the Merchandise Store to verify for objects that may fly and verify the north of the map the subsequent time this occurs. Players will certainly proceed to create theories for this unsolved thriller. Sublocations, factors and chest areas discovered exterior of a Viking Outpost (POI) could also be listed beneath the realm’s grid coordinates.

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Some subsections, factors and charts might have been eliminated or modified. Please see Holly Home (POI) for the most recent map data.

Worlds Collide In Season 5 Of Fortnite

Viking Outpost nicknamed “Viking Village” was an unknown landmark in Battle Royale added in season 5, situated inside coordinate B6, east of Snobby Shores and northwest of Greasy Grove. The situation was hinted at by the earlier mysterious anchor that appeared within the space in season 4. In Season 5 Episode 2, the Viking Ship reappeared close to Holly Hedges as Floor Zero was broken.

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Viking Village Fortnite

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