Spongebob Fortnite Meme

Spongebob Fortnite Meme – Additionally in style: Kanye West in InfoWars 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine Rika (PokΓ©mon) Doomentio (NSFW) 2022 China protests he graduated

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Spongebob Fortnite Meme

Spongebob Fortnite Meme

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My Idea For A Fortnite X Spongebob Collaboration

Memes the place gamers abandon their teammates and different aims for the only real goal of selecting up Golden SCAR weapons. Spawned by the identical Patrick Star meme that was spammed on iFunny, the ironic development gained traction on the app in early April 2022.

Depicting Patrick operating from a fallen teammate, with the caption “When your staff wants resuscitation however you see the golden scar”, the place the golden scar is a robust

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Customers together with SWARGG, SnakeBaked, Herobrine_, Crawlz, DrGoodGuy, deflated, and sicilian_maxing all posted the picture by filling out the Collective tab for customers. April 3, 2022 iFunny

Person kj52mountaindew posted a display screen shot of their Collective tab being stuffed with the identical meme (proven under).

It is Humorous As a result of It is Spongebob And Not Fortnite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Gamers deserted their teammates and different aims to earn the Golden Scar. For instance iFunny

Video caption meme that gained over 560 smiles in 5 days (proven under, left). April 4 iFunny

Within the following days, the ironic development continued within the app. For instance, April 4, 2022 iFunny

Spongebob Fortnite Meme

Person SnakeBaked posted a SpongeGar Select meme that obtained over 2,700 smiles in three days (proven under, proper).

Ever Fortnite Pores and skin

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