Montana Kek Fortnite Battle Pass Song Lyrics

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Montana Kek Fortnite Fight Pass Track Verses

Montana Kek Fortnite Battle Pass Song Lyrics

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I’m A Fortnite Noob

The Fortnite Fight Pass track describes a viral funny track by Abdul Cisse, recognized for his FNAF Beatbox video clip, with verses concerning acquiring the Fortnite Fight Pass. The video clip of Cisse singing the track went viral on TikTok in February 2022, motivating lip-dub acts to its initial audio.

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@Abdul_cisse published a TikTok duet to an “open verses difficulty” video clip by @salemilese where he sings concerning the United States or PS5 video clip. Cisse’s knowledgeable has to do with purchasing

Fight Pass, beginning with the verses, “Fortnite Fight Pass, I simply fucked my butt.” The video clip acquired over 13 million sights in 2 weeks (revealed listed below). On February 2, he re-uploaded the video clip on TikTok

Fortnite Fight Pass I simply activated my computer Since I require it To obtain that Fortnite Fight Pass I like Fortnite I discussed Fortnite I like Fortnite It’s evening I indicate it’s 5 o’clock This is essentially evening everybody keep in mind Anime Network Journey Time

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The initial soundtrack for Cisse’s 2nd upload went viral as customers started developing video clips of it, consisting of lip calls and also jokingly verse video clips, motivating over 17,400 video clips since February 14, 2022. By instance, on February 3, 2022, TikToker

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@british_hotdog published a video clip of a low-res clip of among the Penguins of Madagascar dance to the track, gathering over 3.5 million sights in simply under 2 weeks (revealed listed below, left). On February 5, TikToker

@kyrotime published a comparable video clip with a clip of Yoshi dance, acquiring over 910,000 sights in a comparable period (revealed listed below, right). It has actually been re-uploaded on YouTube

Montana Kek Fortnite Battle Pass Song Lyrics

The following day, overcoming 189,000 sights in a week. On February 6, Cisse’s initial video clip was re-uploaded on YouTube,

Fortnite Fight Royale

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