Fortnite Cards Series 1

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Brand-new: Lowest Rate Lowest Rate All new, extra, unopened, intact product in initial product packaging (if offered).

Fortnite Cards Collection 1

Fortnite Cards Series 1

The product packaging need to coincide as in a store, unless the item is hand-crafted or has actually not been packaged by the supplier in a non-retail bundle, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.

Fortnite Collection 1 Trading Cards: Top 10 Sales// One37pm

Each Gun Box consists of one bonus offer Impressive Card! Consisting of follower favored clothing like Leviathan, Head Cannon Fodder, Sunset as well as much more. The 300 card collection includes 100 standard cards, 50 unusual cards, 50 unusual cards, 50 impressive cards, as well as 50 fabulous cards!

Information – Panini Fortnite Collection 1 TCG Sealed Gun – 6 packs of 6 cards ENGLISH Version

Product 1 Panini Fortnite Collection 1 TCG Sealed Gun – 6 packs of 6 cards ENGLISH Version Panini Fortnite Collection 1 TCG Sealed Gun – 6 packs of 6 cards ENGLISH Version

Product 2 2019 Panini Fortnite Collection 1 Pastime Box Trading Cards New Sealed 24 Loads Clear 2019 Panini Fortnite Collection 1 Pastime Trading Cards New Sealed 24 Loads Clear

Panini Fortnite Collection 1 Pastime Box

Product 3 15x PANINI FORTNITE COLLECTION 1 6 Booster TINS ✅ INVEST 15x PANINI FORTNITE COLLECTION 1 6 Booster TINS ✅ Purchase March 2018, Fortnite ended up being the computer game with one of the most sights on the Twitch streaming system as well as is still among one of the most preferred Fight Royale computer game 2022 with 80.4 million energetic individuals as well as 4 million gamers each day.

The stirring dancing relocations from the video game have actually been included in Hollywood flicks, as well as many collaborations bring skins from a few of one of the most popular IPs, consisting of NFL, Wonder, John Wick, Halo, Celebrity Wars as well as much more.

Because it’s come to be greater than simply a computer game as well as has a solid popular culture aspect, we’re mosting likely to damage down Panini’s Fortnite Collection 1 trading card item as well as explore the 10 record-selling cards from the collection.

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Fortnite Cards Series 1

Panini launched a collection of Fortnite Collection 1 trading cards in June 2019 in 3 nations: United States, Italy as well as Brazil.

Panini Fortnite Collection 1 Trading Cards 24 Load Pastime Box (secured)( arbitrary)

Collection 1 consisted of a collection of 300 cards with various classifications– Usual, Unusual, Unusual, Impressive as well as Legendary. There were 100 typical cards, as well as the staying 200 cards were divided similarly in between unusual, unusual, impressive, as well as fabulous.

Each of the last 4 classifications had 50 cards with pictures of various personalities, as well as additionally had 2 parallels: Holofoil as well as Crystal Shards.

The card list consists of tools as well as products from the video game (commons), in addition to preferred personalities as well as skins. You can watch the complete list right here.

Panini later on launched a promotion collection of 9 crystal fragments P1– P9 marketed solely with Panini’s web site to United States clients.

Panini Fortnite Collection 1 Gun Box 4x Whole Lot

PSA ranked a total amount of 3,730 Fortnite Collection 1 cards, granting 1,256 PSA 10s for 33% of the treasures in the United States, Italy, as well as Brazil.

The USA run is reported to have a little bigger cards (concerning 1mm taller as well as broader), as well as besides the distinctions in between the “made in [country]” on the back of the cards, the Crystal Shards differ a little in layout depending upon where they are published. the exact same:

Left wing is a United States crystal fragment, in the center is a Brazilian crystal fragment, as well as on the right is an Italian crystal fragment.

Fortnite Cards Series 1

Generally, American prints are much more pricey, yet Italian prints are rather rarer in the greater qualities, making up their 23% of treasures.

Panini Fortnite Collection 3 List, Establish Information, Boxes, Launch Day

The cards were launched in Worth Packs, Fat Loads, Gun Boxes, Huge Boxes as well as Pastime Boxes. The Italian as well as Brazilian versions had clear plastic wrappers, while the United States versions had actually secured Panini-branded plastic wrappers.

Huge boxes were the only method to obtain a fragment of American crystal (one of the most important example on the marketplace), so today they are better, valued around $1,000.

Prior to we study this checklist, it is very important to keep in mind that the prices information was sourced from Goldin Co.,, 130-item sales information, PSA information, as well as the Fortnite Trading Card follower web site.

This checklist is mainly controlled by the most preferred skin from the very early days of Fortnite, the Black Knight. Nearly every leading 10 checklist in numerous trading cards often tends to reveal a focus of one of the most preferred athletes/characters in a sporting activity or category, as well as the leading marketing Fornite Collection 1 is no various!

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Fortnite Trading Card Collection Beginner Load

In February 2021, one of the most pricey Fortnite Collection 1 trading card marketed through exclusive purchase for $55,000. The sale was reported right here as well as right here, yet remember that as exclusive purchases go, we can not directly confirm the sale.

The Black Knight controls this checklist of the leading 10 finest marketing Fortnite cards since it was among one of the most preferred skins in the video game as well as was extremely appreciated by gamers that possessed it. Some YouTubers also stated that players that came across gamers with the skin would certainly quit as well as support for the individual that had it.

The card imagined in this position is an Italian print, yet it is uncertain which nation the $55,000 sale was from (more than likely a United States print, yet it was challenging to discover a tidy image of this card in BGS 9.5 quality).

Fortnite Cards Series 1

The American as well as Italian Crystal Fragment prints are enclose populace (32 as well as 38 PSA overalls specifically), with the Italian Crystal Fragment PSA 10 being a little rarer with 7 duplicates contrasted to the United States’s 9.

Panini Fortnite Tc Collection 1

The 2nd most pricey Fortnite Collection 1 card additionally happened in February 2021, when the Legendary Holographic Black Knight cost $30,000 through’s finest proposal as well as verified by PSA.

As we stated, the Black Knight skin was among one of the most preferred skins in Collection 1, as well as it took a great deal of job to obtain it.

This skin’s rarity as well as appeal as well as in-game worth has actually rollovered to the card market.

There are a total amount of 16 Black Knight Holofoil PSA 10, as well as they are much less unusual than Crystal Shards based upon the basic populace price quote.

Panini Fortnite Collection 1 Trading Card Huge Load

February as well as March 2021 were record months for Fortnite cards (in addition to the remainder of the trading card market), with the BGS 9.5 Black Knight Holofoil costing $20,000 on’s finest proposal.

Holofoil as well as Crystal Fragment are 2 of one of the most preferable cards in the collection due to their Refractory parallels as well as reduced populace.

In December 2021, the fabulous Fortnite Collection 1 Crystal Fragment Black Knight cost $17,877 on

Fortnite Cards Series 1

There is a great deal of variant in between PSA 10 as well as raw card worth multipliers based upon collection as well as card (ie PSA 10s deserve 7x the exact same card raw), yet this current raw sale reveals that the marketplace for the Black Knight 1 collection is Identical the Fortnite Crystal Shards card hasn’t went down significantly because its optimal in very early 2021.

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Panini Fortnite Collection 1 Trading Card Load

In April 2021, this PSA 10 Black Knight Collection 1 Holofoil cost around $3,000 much less than its BGS 9.5 equivalent that marketed a couple of months previously.

That’s still a solid five-figure sale, yet it reveals that the worth of Fortnite cards has actually begun to drop after coming to a head in very early 2021.

In June 2021, this Black Knight Crystal Shards PSA 10 Italian print cost $14,900 at PSA-verified PWCC public auctions.

The Italian print of this card has a somewhat reduced number (by 2) in PSA 10, yet the marketplace does not presently value them as extremely as the United States prints.

Leading Fortnite Card Sales

In Might 2021, a PSA 10 Identical Black Knight Holofoil reproduction cost $12,699. The cost is down $17,301 from a preliminary high of $30,000 in February.

A 2nd duplicate of this card last cost $8,600 simply a couple of weeks later on, noting an additional decrease in market price for this card.

Together with a variety of document sales for Fortnite Collection 1 cards in 2021, the Black Knight Holofoil PSA 9 (United States print) cost $12,000 through Ideal Deal Accepted on

Fortnite Cards Series 1

There are 50 duplicates of the Black Knight (United States) Holofoil in the PSA 9 course versus 16 in the PSA 10.

Panini Fortnite Collection 1 Trading Cards Fat Load Box Manufacturing Facility Pani

The overall PSA rated Holofoil card supply is 119 cards, which is tiny contrasted to various other sporting activities card collections.

Our very first non-Black Knight Fortnite card is the Red Knight. This is one more unusual skin in the Fortnite video game as well as some individuals were not pleased when it was introduced that the skin might be acquired as it decreased the lack of skins in the video game.

Nonetheless, in February 2021, a duplicate of the PSA 10 identical Crystal Fragment cost $11,000. There are just 6 duplicates of PSA Quality 10 Red Knight Crystal Shards.

There are 50 duplicates of the PSA 9 quality card, as well as the last PSA 9 sale was $2,025 in September, a loss of almost 80% in worth.

Fortnite Collection 1 2019 Panini Gun 6 Load 37 Reward E

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