Fortnite And Cola Yippee

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German Cola Child refers to a viral video of a kid exclaiming in German that his mom let him play Fortnite and drink Coca-Cola, shouting “YIPPEE!” The video has been a supply of copypasta in addition to a supply of fan movies.

Fortnite And Cola Yippee

Fortnite And Cola Yippee

The video originated someday in September 2020, though it’s unclear the place it was first posted. Reposts started showing in early 2021. On January 4, YouTuber Halo Child Gaming reposted the video, garnering over 57,000 views (proven under).

T H E R E ‘ S N O B O D Y H E R E

A high-quality re-upload of the video was posted by a Tiktok person named user48ljp0pz0o on December 15, 2021 (proven under), receiving over 5 million views.

Mein Gott Leute, meine Mama hat mir einfach erlaubt dass ich Cola trinken darf! Wie cool ist das (chunk)? Jetzt zocke ich Fortnite and trinke Cola! YIPPEEE!

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My god individuals, my mother simply let me drink Coke! How cute is that this (please)? Now I play Fortnite and drink Coke! YIPPEEE! unfold

The video started circulating in 2021 on varied social media channels, inspiring parodies and fan animations. For instance, on July 6, 2021, YouTuber Alison posted an animation that gained over 40,000 views in a yr (proven under, left). On December 19, YouTuber Brinnmations posted an animation that gained over 8,400 views in six months (proven under, proper).

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Furthermore, some YouTube customers began dubbing the video in numerous languages. On December 19, 2020, YouTuber chovythebear posted an English dub of the video, gaining over 105,000 views in 18 months (proven under, left). On June 6, 2022, YouTuber Mikaya_VT posted a Vietnamese dub, gaining over 7,000 views in three weeks (proven under, proper).

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