Erisa Helmet Fortnite

Erisa Helmet Fortnite – Fortnite Season 3 Season 2 Battle Move has been loaded with superior new skins. Whereas the spotlight of the brand new go could also be Dr. Unusual and the upcoming Prowler pores and skin, it additionally has a pay-to-win secret pores and skin.

Fashionable YouTuber ‘GlitchKing’ or GKI just lately found that there’s a solution to convert Erisa’s pores and skin from the Battle Move right into a paid beauty. The exploit permits gamers to equip a sure beauty combo to make pores and skin transfer with out the sound of footsteps.

Erisa Helmet Fortnite

Erisa Helmet Fortnite

Each of these must-haves are on this season’s Battle Move. So everybody who owns it will probably transfer across the island with out making a sound to catch their enemies off guard.

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Based mostly on a current GKI video, equipping the Guardian Daggers with Erisa’s pores and skin will block her from listening to any footsteps. Apparently the skins are now not pay-to-win. Utilizing a pores and skin signifies that gamers can sneak up behind their enemies with out them figuring out about it.

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The glitch solely works when gamers are geared up with pickaxes. It won’t work if the gamers are carrying every other gear or objects whereas strolling or operating. However, within the case of the sucker, the pores and skin does not even make a sound when it walks on water.

This is among the most game-breaking glitches in Fortnite Season 3 Season 2. Many gamers use Erisa’s pores and skin to their benefit till Epic Video games fixes it.

Gamers should buy the Battle Move to unlock Erisa’s Corrupted Pores and skin and Guardian Dagger. As soon as they discover it, they should grind as much as web page 8 and acquire sufficient battle stars.

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As a part of the Want Guardian set, Erisa could be unlocked for 9 battle stars. However, gamers want seven Battle Stars to unlock the Guardian Daggers. As soon as gamers have acquired each of these things, they will merely equip them collectively and transfer across the island with out being heard.

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With the construct gone, the pay-to-win pores and skin turns into extra highly effective. Resulting from problem, there isn’t a manner enemies can discover somebody operating round in Erisa’s pores and skin.

Definitely, Erisa is among the finest skins in Fortnite Season 3 Season 2 Battle Move. Along with her Guardian Daggers Choose Ax, her Wheel of Daggers slide and Fallen Plateau counters are a number of the finest cosmetics within the sport.

Erisa Helmet Fortnite

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