Chonkers In Fortnite

Chonkers In Fortnite – Chapter 3 map with every location named. We’ll present you what every space of ​​the island is known as in Season 1: Flipped and the place you could find vital landmarks like The Each day Bugle, Sanctuary, Tilted Towers, and Covert Cavern, a few of which had been added to the map with snowmelt ( and patches ) in every single place

Fortnite Chapter 3 map from patch 19.20 which added Covert Cavern. Graphics: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Epic Video games by way of

Chonkers In Fortnite

Chonkers In Fortnite

Chapter 3’s map melted down a bit extra. The retreating snowfall has revealed a brand new vacation spot known as Covert Cavern. Across the mountain are a number of small installations and a brand new underground fortress stuffed with IO forces.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 map as of patch 19.10, which added Tilted Towers. Graphics: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Epic Video games by way of

Because the snow and ice recede, a brand new named location—the Tilted Towers—has been revealed and new creatures, the Klombos, have appeared.

Chapter 3 Season 1 is the earlier island actually turned the wrong way up. Gone is the acquainted surroundings of final season, and on this new chapter of the sport, characters like Marvel’s Spider-Man can have a huge effect on the map. Not solely can you discover iconic landmarks like The Each day Bugle on the brand new island, however even Spidey’s trademark internet swing can be out there to all gamers from December 11.

For now, a lot of the western aspect of the map is roofed in snow. As this new season progresses, it’s going to finally thaw and retreat to the grasslands. In the meantime, the east aspect of the map is extra tropical, whereas the south has some fancy dwellings in an arid surroundings. Welcome to Wiki! Be at liberty to discover and contribute to the wiki with hyperlinks, articles, classes, templates and delightful pictures! Observe our guidelines and pointers! Try the neighborhood web page!

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Chonker’s Speedway was a named location in : Battle Royale, added in Chapter 3: Season 1 to Artemis Island. It was positioned on the intense south aspect of the island, west of Condominium Canyon.

Chonker’s Speedway is a big racetrack surrounded by a number of buildings that recommend it’s a sports activities venue. 4 Whiplash automobiles with Chonkers tires will all the time spawn in the beginning of the monitor.

Nice Park • Lazy Lagoon Sunny Steps Loot Lake Lonely Lodge Retail Row Moisty Palms Deadly Fields Comfortable Hamlet Polar Peak Greasy Grove Salty Springs Dusty Depot Junk Junction By Haunted Hills Metropolis Shifty Shafts Fortunate Touchdown The Block Frosty Flights Stress Plant Starry Suburbs

Chonkers In Fortnite

Manufacturing facility • Racetrack • RV Park • Jail • Anarchy Bridge • Fortunate Bridge • Inexperienced Metal Bridge • Orange Metal Bridge • Stretched Mountain • Home on the Hill • Tomato Tunnel • Nice Manor • Dusty Mountain • Stretched Mountain • Outskirts • Crashed Tree of Life Bus Yonder Yard Steel Llama Umbrella Mine Villain Lair Mansion Recording Studio Viking Village Pueblo Trucker’s Oasis Junkyard Citadel Depot Race Monitor Expeditio Flush Manufacturing facility SoFDeeZ Pirate Camps Tomato Temple Deserted Farm • Sizzling Springs • Mansion • Skeletal Stays • Frozen Meteor • Ruined Stadium • Retailer • Floating Island • Hut Watch

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Anarchy Acres • Moisty Mire Tomato City Leaky Lake Dangerous Reels Lazy Hyperlinks Wailing Woods Tilted Towers Dusty Divot Neo Tilted Mega Mall Paradise Palms Tilted City

Star Suburb Ruins • Open Soccer Stadium • Meteor Craters • Roadside Restaurant • Broken Areas • Northern Homes • Container Yard • Vacanic Motel • Volcano • Sky Platforms • Dusty Diner • Stadium • Moai Heads • Stone Household • Picket Brick Turtle • Picket Rabbit • Pandora

Nice Park Craggy Cliffs Steamy Stacks Corny Crops Soiled Docks Believer Seashore Boney Burbs Holly Hedges Weeping Woods Sludgy Swamp Misty Meadows Lazy Lake Retail Row Catty Nook The Pyramid Coral Citadel

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??? Rainbow Leases Stack Shack Crashed Cargo Dangerous Reels Fort Crumpet Coral Cove Crash Website Lockie’s Lighthouse Unremarkable Shack Durrr Burger Meals Truck Bob’s Bluff Shipwreck Cove Camp Cod El Purple City 16 Lazy Lake Island Boat Launch Base Camp Foxtrot Mount F8 Climate Station Snow Cone Meals Truck Base Camp Golf Mount Kay Mount H7 Base Camp Lodge Lake Canoe Chair Speedy’s Relaxation Yellow Metal Bridge Compact Automobiles Orchard Mowdown FN Radio Scenic Spot Blue Metal Bridge Purple Metal Bridge Flopper Pond Timber Tent Pizza Pete’s Meals Truck Greasy Graves Stumpy Ridge Attractive Gorge Fork Knife Meals Truck Most ? •  Cap’n Carp Supply Truck  •  Apres Ski  •  Brutus’ Basin  •  Sharky Shell  •  Drop Store  •  Fuel N’ Grub  •  Excessive Hoops  •  Large Rig  •  Effectively. 2 Friendship Monument Fancy View Dusted Depot Metal Farm The Pizza Pit Sheriff’s Workplace Viking Vessel The Durrr Burger Flushed Manufacturing facility Copter Crash Lumber Lodge Grumpy Gravel Primal Pond Isla Nublada Deep Woods Dish Discovery Dish • Dampy Dish Defiant Dish Defiant Dish Dinhed Dish Flattened Lake Smashed Stronghold Shattered Saucer Wasted Woods Base Rio Base Domino Base Roger Base Echo Base Oscar Additional-Terrestrial Property Pleasant Forest  •  IO Staging Facility

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The Company • The Shark • The Rig • The Grotto • Rickety Rig • Frenzy Farm • The Authority • Doom’s Area • Stark Industries • Salty Springs • The Ruins • The Fortilla • Colossal Coliseum • Salty Towers • Hunter’s Haven • Sand Colossal Sweaty • Stealthy Stronghold •  The Spire  •  Slurpy Swamp  •  Corny Advanced  •  Holly Hatchery  •  The Convergence

Isle Of The Storm  •  Shiver Inn  •  Ice Throne  •  E.G.O. Hangar  •  E.G.O. Science Station  •  E.G.O. Station  •  E.G.O. Barracks  •  E.G.O. Comm Tower  •  Eye Land  •  Field Manufacturing facility  •  SHADOW Protected Home – Alpha  •  SHADOW Protected Home – Beta  •  SHADOW Protected Home – Charlie  •  SHADOW Protected Home – Delta  •  SHADOW Protected Home – Echo  •  Crackshot’s Cabin  •  Pipeman  •  Seashore Bus  •  No Sweat Storage Bandit Barge Boat N’ Deal with Float Fillet Caravan Coast Crusty Cruiser Boogie Boat Pawntoon The Yacht Pirate Radio Motorboat Mayhem Flopper Farm Enhance Pad Crackling Coven Cursed Roost’s Crottage Hag’s Hole Yaga’s Yurt • Hex Haus • Quinjet Patrol Websites • Vault of Doom • Home of Doom • Sentinel Graveyard • Jennifer Walters’ Workplace • The Experiment • Doom’s Throne • Trask Transport Truck • Ant Manor • Panther’s Prowl New • York Assortment • Coronary heart Lake • Heroes Park •  Hey Boo! Megastore Logjam Woodworks Hayman Plumberton Homely Hills GHOST Flowers SHADOW Lamps Vacation Helpers Outpost Alpha Jingle Outpost Charlie Jolly Outpost Bravo Jangle Outpost Echo Frosty Ghost Home Floor Hub Butter Barn Hub IO-E6 Floor Hub IO-F4 The Razor Crest The Final Stand of Llamamemnon Fury on the Fjords Battle of the Brutes Lament of the Landlubbers Outpost Delta Kringle Package’s Cantina Hilltop Home Grumpy Greens Zero Level Guardian of the Bay Guardian of the Fields Guardian of the Lake Guardian of the Mountains Guardian of the Sea Guardian of the Forest The Aftermath Dockside Dish Meals Fighter Steamy Spaceship Stealthy Saucer Cargo Craft Lonely Lander Pristine Level **REDACTED**

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Chromejam Junction • Shiny Sound Grim Gables Lustrous Lagoon Chrome Crossroads Herald’s Sanctum Fort Jonesy Cloudy Condos Chonker’s Speedway Rocky Reels Greasy Grove Actuality Tree Tainted Towers Shimmering Station Rave Cave Rave Cave

Chonkers In Fortnite

Loot Lake  •  Temple  •  Washout Wharf  •  Choppin’ Chateau  •  Seven Outpost II  •  Seven Outpost III  •  Seven Outpost IV  •  Seven Outpost V  •  Seven Outpost VII  •  Shell or Excessive Water  •  Wreck Ravine  •  Unmarked Home  •  Rickety

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